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Customer Approved Sex Toys for Her

Selecting an erotic gift can be a real challenge, especially when it's for a special woman in your life. After all, no two women are alike, and their tastes won't be either! However, there are certain presents almost guaranteed to please. We know this because at Lady by Day we've sold thousands of sensual products, and there are certain items women rave about again and again.

Below, you'll find our top ten list of customer-approved favorites. These are toys that women have owned and loved enough to give us glowing recommendations.

1. Surprise entry at #1! - G3 Vibrating Cock Ring

Customer Review: "This product is PHENOMENAL. I used it for the first time this past weekend and I had the time of my life. The ring is so soft and the vibration feels so good on my clit that i came multiple times. I have used some of the other popular vibrating cock rings on the market and they were great too, but they are a bit bigger and bulkier... this one is the perfect size, is very soft, the vibrations are intense, and the ring will stretch enough to fit around my leg. Everyone MUST try this product!!!"

2. Waterproof Wabbit Vibe

Customer Review: "I have met my new best friend. I bought this after reading all the great reviews. They were telling the truth. Knowing that this friend is sitting there alone I visit often and now I am not getting any work done. And he is never busy or watching the game!"

3. Silver Bullet

Customer Review: "Excellent for those "gotta have it now" moments! Its compact and can be discreetly placed when travelling without causing a ruckus in the airport. You usually find these for $20+ in my area, but this price you can't beat and I am buying them for stocking stuffers to give to my friends this Xmas. "

4. Impulse Jack Rabbit

Customer Review: "If you're wavering on which one to buy, or which company to buy from, this is the one toy you just gotta have. I wondered if something like this could possibly substitute for the real thing when my husband and I are working opposite hours, and it sure does! Just the rabbit ears alone would be delicious, but then add that nice thick shaft that moves...mmmmm. Definitely worth the price and lots cheaper than the truck stop toy store, received it quickly (paid by money order) and had a response from customer service in less than 24 hrs when I had a question. Best 40th birthday gift a girl could get! "

5. Waterproof Chocolate Jelly

Customer Review: "My hubby bought this and surprised me with it one night. At first I was a little intimidated by the size but let me tell you it's worth every sweet inch. Really filled me up just incredible!! Many nights to remember here."

6. Clit Kisser

This best-seller has received mixed reviews, but one customer writes: "I have used a lot of vibrators, but this one is better by far! I thought the tongue felt fantastic, and it was powerful enough to bring me to orgasm on half power. I used it in conjunction with a dildo..amazing!"

7. Jelly Fantasy Waterproof Vibe

Customer Review: "OMG.....i loooooooooooove this does hubby...we use it very very often and both get off like mad!! now i want more!!!!!"

8. World's Largest vibrating Jelly dildo!

Customer Review: "This is AWESOME!! Works like no other vibrator I have ever owned. I was shocked at first to actually see somehting this huge, but I took half to 3/4's with no problem. And I came 4 times in a short time! The following night I HAD to use it again and took the whole thing. I felt like a virgin again with it. And when you turn on the vibrators of it...OMG!! Sent me into a cumfest. I can't wait for my fiance to get back in town to use it on me!!! "

9. Dragon Fly

Customer Review: "This was one of the best toys I've bought. my boyfriend and i like to play games and one day I went outside with one of these on and had mutiple orgamism until I couldn't breath. Well worth the price. Have fun using all the atachments at once."

10. Under the Bed Restraints by Sportsheets

Customer Review: "OMG!!! Everyone who is deeply in love w/ their partner needs to get this sex toy!!!"

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